No it’s not on or around your mouth. In fact its not even anywhere on your face, it’s far from it! The answer: it’s on the soles of your feet.

Having come across this surprising remedy last time I had a nasty cough I had to try it out. Indeed, within 15 minutes my cough had subsided. I applied it before bedtime when the cough would usually keep me up, put on some thick loose socks, and it gave me relief through most of the night. I couldn’t believe it!

The menthol in Vicks is said to dilate the blood vessels in the feet when applied which works to calm a cough. It’s not only great to stop your own cough, but to rub on your child’s feet when they have a cough. So next time your sick and your cough won’t stop, reach for some Vicks instead of cold medicine or cough syrup.


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I am a graduate of Oakland University in Michigan with a BS in Health Sciences. My studies included Nutrition courses, Community Health courses, Alternative Medicine courses, and Human Anatomy Courses. My studies jump-started my interest in natural and alternative medicine, but my real interest came through my own research and personal use of supplements and natural alternatives. When I am not learning about the world of natural alternatives, I spend my time with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years who I have also put supplements to the test on. I am so excited to be writing this blog to share my research and findings with you and I hope we can all learn something new!

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