For years, Peruvians have used maca root to promote fertility, endurance, energy, vitality, and sexual virility. Maca aids the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands (all involved in hormonal balance.) One of maca’s primary actions is to stimulate and nourish the hypothalamus which regulates the pituitary gland, acting as a tonic for the hormone system. When the pituitary gland functions optimally, the entire endocrine system becomes balanced because the pituitary gland controls the hormone output of the other three glands. Maca has the ability to affect the hormones in men and women, although it does not actually contain hormones itself. When a women takes maca, it helps to increase her progesterone levels which are essential to carrying out a normal pregnancy. A man’s fertility can also be improved with maca as some studies have shown that it increases sperm health.

In a study, 9 men  were given maca for 4 months at 1,500 – 3,000 mg a day and they experienced an increase in libido, sperm count, mobillity of sperm, increased DHEA levels, decreased anxiety and stress, lowered blood pressure, balanced iron levels and an increase in adrenal androgens.

A 2005 study showed that extract of yellow maca increased litter size in female mice. This was the first scientific study to confirm the influence of maca root on female fertility, but the results so far are encouraging. Maca also helps to reduce fatigue and boost the immune system so that a women’s body is healthy and prepared to take on a pregnancy.

Toxicity studies (conducted at Product Safety Labs of East brunswick, N.J.) showed absolutely no toxicity and no adverse pharmacological effects of taking maca, so it does appear to be a very safe supplement to take

New research also proves that maca has the ability to increase energy. Maca supports the adrenal glands which produce adrenaline

When choosing a maca powder, it is recommended to look for one that has been gelatinized  as it is easier to digest and also more cost effective as it is more concentrated. You also want a supplement that has strictly maca root in it, no leaves or stems.

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